In Office Procedures

Midwest Retina Consultants, S.C

At Midwest Retina Consultants, S.C the treatment obtained will be brought together not only with the knowledge and expertise of our physicians and staff, but also with the latest medical technology.

The diagnostic tests and treatment procedures we utilize are highly specialized with the most recent up to date innovations.

Diagnostic tests:

B-Scan Ultrasonography

B-scan ultrasound is a diagnostic test used to assess various diseases of the eye. It is most useful when direct visualization of intraocular structures is not possible. In such cases, diagnostic B-scan ultrasound can give valuable information on the status of the lens, vitreous, retina, choroid, and sclera.

Treatment Procedures:

If a surgical case must be performed out of the office, Midwest Retina Consultants, S.C physicians and staff will assist the patient for preparation and accommodation for the procedure.