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Midwest Retina Consultants, S.C.

Retina, Macula, Vitreous
 Diseases and Surgery

Main Office

  • 1100 W. Central Rd, LL2
  • Arlington Heights, IL 60005
  • Office: 847-394-3933
  • Fax: 847-394-4099

Billing and Administrative

  • 8901 W. Golf Rd. #206
  • Des Plaines, IL 60016
  • Office: 847-698-6300
  • Fax: 847-698-6002

Your Visit

It is important for you to arrive prepared with all of the information that we might need to best evaluate, treat and coordinate care with your other doctors.

Patient information needed:

  • Photo ID and insurance information at each visit.
  • Full name, address and phone numbers of the referring doctor, primary care doctor and any specialists that should receive a copy of the consultation letter.
  • Your complete medical history, including all medications and vitamins. Forms can be preprinted by clicking here.
  • HMO authorization for every visit; HMO patients cannot be seen without a referral.

Please allow two hours for each visit which will consist of a detailed history, dilation of both eyes, examination, treatment and additional testing, if needed.

Dilation may affect your ability to drive for several hours, bring a driver if you are unsure of your ability to drive after dilation.

A consultation report will be sent to your referring physician and your other physicians as deemed appropriate. If family members need information concerning your condition it is best that they come with you to your initial consultation.